Welcome to Andrew Nicoll's Physics and Engineering website! This website is to go along side my Lectures on You Tube.

You Tube:

My videos range from engineering, physics and mathematics. They are currently aimed at people doing either A level physics, higher A level physics and GCSE physics, maths (Calculus, trigonometry, algebra and general maths) and Foundation Degree and higher National Engineering.

In my A level videos and playlists on physics, I will set higher level topics which are a step to University standard. The topics will be on quantum mechanics, General and special relativity and cosmology. Some of my videos will be presented on a black board. If a video helps you a lot please let me know, or if a video does not, I will redo it in my spare time. The main pillars of my Engineering videos are Mechanics of materials, Thermodynamics, Electrostatics and electromagnetism, Direct current, Transients and alternating current. (There are 31 playlists on engineering) that fit into all those categories. 

Remember my lessons are for students who are just starting their  A level or GCSE physics courses. However my Engineering videos are intended to go over the key scientific principles in Engineering, whether you know almost all of it or you've just started.


So, my website is were you can access all my videos, whichwill have a detailed transcript of the video with diagrams, (possibly for more visual learners, this may be more handy!).